Bars & Nightclubs

Wherever you see trendy fashionable and hip happening, Expo Sign is right there creating that custom look that is needed to make the bars and nightclubs stand out among the others!

For 1 Oak – one of the more modern, trendy and chic nightclubs in NYC and Los Angeles – we create all of their custom specialized signs for their big events and sign projects!
This year we handled numerous custom sign projects for 1 Oak, including the signage for Jennifer Lopez birthday bash, 1 Oak beach party, Joe Jonas birthday bash and Erick Morill’s birthday bash.
We can create any type of visual media imaginable for bars and nightclubs! We handle your project from start to finish in house with the same professionalism and expertise that you can expect time after time when dealing with us!

We have been working with bars and nightclubs for over 20 years now and we make the process simple with quick turnaround times and expertly crafted products. We receive an email from the company specifying exactly what they want and the timeframe to finish, we respond with the custom made layout showing how the finished project will look, and then it is on to production! Once we have received an approval, we move on to the manufacturing!

Contact us today to get started with your custom bar or nightclub signage!

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